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Wood therapy treatment

Wood Therapy - Say Goodbye to Cellulite

Wood therapy has emerged as the most popular cellulite treatment. It combines the rejuvenation and relaxation of traditional massage therapy with modern techniques to treat all problem areas of your body. It will help you release muscle tension and make you feel rejuvenated. Moreover, wood therapy is used by people to tighten and contour areas of your body. This will help with cellulite reduction and allow you to meet your body goals.

In Wood Therapy, there is no use of lasers or scalpels which ensures a safe and comfortable cellulite reduction process. Get your beach body ready with wood therapy!

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    What is Wood Therapy?

    Wood therapy is a holistic treatment approach that originated in Asia and has been used for centuries. This treatment also made its way to North America and Europe. Earlier, practitioners of wood therapy relied on rough tools to ease pain in patients. However, therapists practicing modern wood therapy use smooth wooden tools to relieve pain and reduce cellulite. Most people now turn to beauty centers and spas to get this aesthetic treatment.

    In Wood Therapy, a technician uses a set of smooth wooden tools to put direct pressure on different parts of your body like the stomach, thighs, arms, legs, and buttocks. The technician will glide the tools along your problem areas to target fat and muscles to accelerate body circulation and lymphatic drainage. Besides, it helps with eliminating stored toxins that will lead to a more toned and chiseled body.

    What are the benefits of Wood Therapy?

    When you opt for wood therapy aesthetic treatment, you will get massage therapy that will relax your body and mind. It helps to reduce mental and physical tension and stress. Wood therapy also boosts the blood flow in the areas where the wooden instruments are rolled over your body. This helps in the improvement of your overall health.

    Wood therapy provides you with a meticulous body massage to deliver more chiseled and toned body features. As the toxins from your body get eliminated, you will feel more fresh and rejuvenated from within. With regular wood therapy sessions, patients are likely to experience the following benefits –

    • Defines and tones your body
    • Natural, non-invasive treatment
    • Helps with muscle tension
    • Assists with a faster metabolism
    • Stimulates your body’s lymphatic drainage
    • Energizes your body by eliminating toxins
    • Helps to boost blood circulation
    • Helps with burning fat
    • Reduces, Tones, and Tightens Circumference
    • Reduces cellulite
    • Free of any contraindication
    • Loosens restricted, loose muscles
    Wood therapy

    As wood therapy helps to make your metabolism faster, you will be able to keep your weight in check or lose weight more quickly. If you have been struggling to reduce unsightly bulges or cellulite, it’s time to opt for wood therapy.

    Wood therapy treatment

    Wood Therapy Treatment Plan

    Wood Therapy utilizes a series of repetitive movements employing different wooden implements. These movements target specific areas of fat, cellulite, and muscle while stimulating the body’s lymphatic drainage system to eliminate toxins. The release of toxins from your body kick starts metabolism to effectively burn fat. This therapy also breaks down stubborn cellulite and helps to reduce the appearance of unsightly bulges.

    Patients see positive results only after the first one-hour treatment. The speed and intensity of the wood manipulation will decide whether you have long-term effects from the treatment. Moreover, you need multiple sessions of the treatment as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle to experience long-term treatment effects.

    You are required to get 3 treatment sessions each week for the first 2 weeks. After completing the first two weeks, you will need two sessions each week to achieve long-term results. Usually, patients need 10 treatment sessions to witness the complete benefits of wood therapy.

    Does the Process Hurt?

    No. This is a completely painless, non-invasive procedure. However, you may feel a slight discomfort as the massage specialist will apply direct pressure on your body with the wooden devices but that’s how you understand that the treatment is working. This sensation may feel unusual at first because of the use of wooden tools but your body will quickly get accustomed to it.

    How can I Maintain My Results?

    If you love the effects of wood therapy on your body and mind, you may want to keep experiencing the results in the long term. The only way to maintain the expertly-chiseled and contoured features is to regularly book appointments for wood therapy.

    Opting for twice-monthly or monthly wood therapy sessions will help you to stay relaxed while contouring your body. Moreover, this will help you get long-term results. You must also follow this up with a proper diet and regular exercise to maintain these well-toned features.

    Contact us today to book your wood therapy appointment. Let’s bid goodbye to cellulite and stress in a more organic way!

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