Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage helps reduce cellulite and the buildup of fluids in the lymph nodes. This results into the slimming down of arms, abdomen and legs.

Fluids tend to buildup in the lymph nodes after a few cancer treatments or due to surgery. The procedure not only helps in lymphatic drainage but also reduces the soreness and aches in the arms and legs.

This is a go to treatment for anyone who wants to have slim arms and legs but is unable to achieve that with exercise and diet.

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    How does it work?

    The procedure mainly uses an air pressure device that is used to inflate a suit. Arms and legs are placed inside the inflated suit which causes the arms and legs to be squashed due to the high pressure. The treatment is more akin to a lymphatic drainage massage.

    The treatment is usually done in spas or wellness centres. A trained professional will carry out the treatment.

    What to expect when you go for a Pressotherapy?

    Pressotherapy does not involve you to go under the knife. If you are scared for knives and needles, you do not have to worry about these when going for a pressotherapy. Here is what to expect when you book an appointment with your esthetician for pressotherapy.

    How much does the procedure cost?

    The cost of the procedure varies from esthetician to esthetician. It can cost or as high for a single 30 minutes session. Ask around a bit before you choose a wellness center to get the treatment.

    You cannot expect your insurance to cover pressotherapy because this is more of an elective cosmetic treatment. Hence you will have to pay for this treatment from your own pocket.

    How long does a session of pressotherapy take?

    One single session of pressotherapy usually takes around 30 minutes to 40 minutes, not more than that. The less time commitment is a major factor why the treatment procedure is so popular. You get this treatment done as frequently as you want. People generally go for pressotherapy twice a week.

    Usually after the treatment is over, patients tend to feel the need to urinate. Experts are of the opinion that this generally happens due to the movement of the water throughout the body and squeezing feeling.

    Are there any benefits of pressotherapy?

    • The procedure helps in making sure that the lymph fluid moves around the body without any obstruction. The fluid contains white blood cells which are responsible for keeping infections at bay. This ensures that you have a stronger immune system.
    • The reduction of cellulite in your arms and thighs, creates a tone look which makes you more attractive. The skin looks more taut and firm.
    • The procedure reduces swelling and stiffness in legs and arms. This allows you to move more freely.
    • Research has concluded that the treatment helps in easing of pain and aches in legs and arms.
    • For individuals suffering from circulatory disorders, they will benefit a great deal from the treatment.
    • The treatment is pain free and does not involve any injections or cutting open the body. It is a very relaxing treatment.
    • Individuals can opt for it as frequently as one wants.
    • The treatment is cheaper than any other cosmetic treatment that treats cellulite and lymphatic nodes.
    • The treatment procedure can be combined with other cosmetic procedures of slimming.
    • There is zero downtime involved in this procedure. You can resume all your daily activities almost immediately after your appointment.

    Is it the right procedure for you?

    Although the procedure is considered to be safe for adults of all ages. You are advised to check in with your doctor before you opt for this treatment in case you have a broken bone condition, osteoporosis, fever, heart disease, diabetes, or underwent surgery recently.

    Pregnant women are also not recommended to receive pressotherapy. The treatment can cause undue pressure on you, which may not be suitable for your baby. Book a free consultation with us or call: (727)-505-4997.

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