Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair Regrowth Treatment (Capillus)

Hair loss is a common and serious problem nowadays. Hair loss can make you bothered about how you look, how your appearance has been changed since after you have started losing your hair. Several factors can cause hair loss- hereditary problems, medicinal side effects, sweating, stress, and dandruff. We understand that becoming bald at an early age could be embarrassing. But, now the time has come that put an end to all your worries regarding your baldness. We, Elite Spa are here with our Hair Regrowth Treatment (Capillus).

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    What Is Capillus?

    Every day 90-100 hair fall is normal. It goes unnoticed because hair keeps on growing at the same time. When the hair growth slows down or stops, then the hair loss becomes noticeable.

    Capillus is an FDA approved discreet treatment that looks like a cap of hair loss. It is a process for the restoration of daily hair using low-level laser therapy. It helps to increase the hair’s fullness by escalating the daily hair growth.

    How Capillus Works?

    Hair Regrowth Treatment (Capillus) is a Low-Level laser therapy that does not involve any medications or surgery. It is a discreet system that looks like a cap. Laser diodes are used to stimulate the laser energy to the hair follicles. The laser energy slowly increases the flow of blood to the dermis which ultimately slows down hair loss. The Capillus can be worn during driving, working, relaxing. So, why not come to us and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and relax while we give you the laser treatment. You may require wearing the capillus for 30 minutes, and once the session is over, we remove the capillus from your head and you are back to your normal routine. We suggest you a consistent Hair Regrowth Treatment (Capillus) to regain your hair.

    Why low level laser energy is used?

    Most people are skeptical about getting a laser treatment. The low-level laser energy not only ensures to stop your hair fall, but it also ensures to make your hair thick and stimulate your hair growth. It is safe to use.

    Does Hair Regrowth treatment use Capillus work?

    There are few products that do not have the approval of the FDA. Capillus is an FDA approved product that is found to be effective with no known side effects. It has successfully helped many to regain their hair and increased their hair thickness.

    How long does the Hair Regrowth Treatment (Capillus) take to work?

    We recommend sessions of 30 minutes 3-4 days a week. You need to be consistent about the sessions if you want to increase the thickness of your hair. Effectively, it has been noticed that Hair Regrowth Treatment (Capillus) takes 2 months to 4 months to work. You will be to notice the difference at the end of the 2nd or 3rd month as there will be a noticeable growth of hair. Though, the laser caps are designed in such a way that it starts stimulating your hair follicles immediately. But these kinds of biological changes especially within the skin are usually invisible to the naked eye. Hence, the noticeable difference comes to your notice within 2 months to 4 months.

    Can Capillus be used twice a day?

    Our specialists say if you want you can have a session twice a day. However, there is no guarantee that it will escalate the process. However, we don’t recommend using a laser for a long time as it may cause the opposite effect. The Capillus Company also says the same about their product.

    Are Hair Regrowth Treatment (Capillus) sessions expensive?

    Hair Regrowth Treatment (Capillus) could be expensive because the caps are expensive. The caps are made by incorporating the best quality materials which makes them expensive. But, as once a wise man said “The best expenses are those that you make for yourself.” We guarantee the expenses you bear will be worth it. After all, we at Elite Spa always give priority to the best results and client satisfaction. To provide the best service, we need to think about our client’s budget as well, hence, we offer different packages.