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Who doesn’t want to look good and to have a perfectly maintained physique? Do you know your waistline and flank areas of your body accumulates a large number of adipose tissues? But it is no longer a problem. Elite Liposonix treatment helps you reduce your hard fat and get a slim body and curvy waist. Liposonix is an advanced medical solution to reduce waist size without performing any surgeries and non-invasive treatment. Using HIFU technology, the professionals permanently eliminate the hard fat accumulated in your paunch. With the help of practitioners of the Elite Spa, you can easily get Liposonix done without any complications.

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    Use of High-Intensity-Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Technology

    Liposonix uses advanced specific technology, namely high-intensity-focused ultrasound, which destroys the cell permanently and safely. HIFU technology has recently developed and has had impactful results for skin tightening and fat reduction treatments. In the treatment, ultrasound energy is used, which penetrates through the layers of skin and targets the fat tissues without causing any harm to your skin or nearby tissues. It takes approximately one hour to reduce 4-5 cm fat cells without causing any side effects to your skin. And your body automatically removes these fat cells within 8-12 weeks.

    Are you fit for Elite Liposonix treatment?

    Both men and women can go for the treatment, and amazingly, the success rate of Liposonix is comparatively higher than other ultrasound treatments. A person with less than 30 BMI, i.e., Body Mass Index is appropriate for the treatment. Moreover, candidates who can grasp at least an inch of fat layers can undergo the Liposonix. Otherwise, there is no need for this treatment.



    You should not undergo Liposonix if you are pregnant or you are trying to conceive babies. Even lactating women come under the same category and they should also avoid this process. Hernia patients should be very cautious while undergoing this treatment, the area affected should not be exposed to this ultrasound energy. Rest everyone who meets all these criteria can go through the process.

    Liposonix Fat Reduction Treatment

    The procedure followed in Liposonix

    Liposonix utilizes similar ultrasound energy as the other ultrasound treatment uses with which you might be acquainted. In this process, the tip of the Liposonix machine is skillfully circulated around the area that requires treatment. The transmitted ultrasound energy causes warm clotting in these fat tissues, and it thickens the subcutaneous collagen which is exposed under the center of the ray. After the disruption of the adipose tissues, their capability of storing fats no longer persists.

    How long will it take to recover after Liposonix?

    Liposonix destroys fat cells from your abdomen region and your love handles mainly. But, patients may discover mild swelling or feel pain in the treated area while healing although this happens rarely. Moreover, this doesn’t affect your work at all since there is no surgical process followed during Liposonix. Thus, you can immediately join back to your work and follow a daily routine after the process.

    Results after Elite Liposonix

    It takes around 8-12 weeks to destroy the fat naturally and see the difference in the body in the session of 1 hour. Practitioners in Elite Spa make sure that your one hour counts in your favor and results are positive. Moreover, they advise their clients to eat and follow a healthy diet and routine so that the growth of surrounding fat cells remains under control.

    Some additional information

    There are certain queries that clients ask so, here are some pointers that you can relate to if you have similar questions:

    Does the process hurt or is it safe?

    A trained specialist handles the cases of Liposonix in the Elite Spa. Therefore, so far, there are no such complaints regarding pain or other issues during treatment. And Liposonix is completely a safe treatment and there are no harmful side effects to your skin or the neighboring tissues.

    Does Liposonix reduce fat or helps in weight loss?

    It is important that you understand that Liposonix is the process that helps in reducing the fat tissues and not the weight. Hence, Liposonix is not a weight-loss technique; rather you should maintain a proper schedule and don’t stop doing physical activities. It only focuses on body contouring and helps you to get the perfect shape of your body.

    Body areas where Liposonix is possible You can get rid of adipose tissues from your belly fat and the flank area. You can also get rid of fatty tissues in the gluteal region or thighs.

    Why choose Elite Spa for Liposonix?

    If you feel awkward in public because of an abnormal physique, then Liposonix can help you overcome that issue. In addition, with well-equipped and trained professionals, Elite Spa offers you the high-class service for Liposonix. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and you can book your appointments or get consultations from already practicing professionals. All you need to do is directly contact and get the best services from Elite Spa. For more queries or booking your appointment, contact to us on the given details.

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