Lipo Laser

lipo laser

Lipo Laser Treatment

Need a body contouring but afraid of the painful surgeries? At Elite Spa, we offer non-invasive skin and body treatments. Our Lipo Laser treatment will enhance your body aesthetics including cellulite reduction, collagen growth, skin tightening, and body contouring.

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    What is Lipo Laser Treatment?

    The Lipo Laser treatment is gaining worldwide popularity owing to its fast and effective fat reduction results. The treatment uses laser energy to effectively breakdown the fat deposits of your body. It will help to change the appearance and shape of your body without any surgical procedures. The fat is vacuumed out or massaged out of your body depending on the amount of fat that you want to eliminate. The whole process gets completed within 30 minutes and requires no general anesthesia. The most common treatment areas for Lipo-Laser includes:

    Is Lipo Laser The Ideal Treatment For You?

    Laser Lipolysis or Lipo Laser is one of the most invasive treatments to eliminate excess fat. The procedure uses a laser to cause your body cells to release the extra contents. Most cosmetic surgeries leave behind a scar on your body after the completion of the body contouring process. Lipo-Laser is a non-surgical light therapy that will leave no bruising or scarring.

    At Elite SPA, you will not only lose weight but also get a sculpted body. Our machines will produce low-level, cold laser light in the targeted areas to limit the amount of fat. Lipo-Laser provides greater precision levels than other procedures. Within a minute or two of the treatment, your fat cells will start to release glycerol, toxins, and triglycerides.

    The Lipo Laser procedure will deliver a supercharged metabolism and derive energy from the fat released. After the completion of the process, these fats get completely removed from the body through lymphatic excretion. This nonsurgical treatment will show enhanced results when coupled with the right exercise and diet plan.

    Lipo Laser

    Lipo Laser eliminates the bruising, downtime, and pain associated with the traditional liposuction procedure. You will be awake during the whole process as there is no requirement for surgery or drugs. Our non-surgical painless fat reduction procedure will also help you with:

    Lipo Laser

    How Does the Lipo-Laser Work?

    Low-level laser beams have been used for years to treat excess fats in patients. The Lipo-Laser treatment emits soft levels of laser energy via treatment pads. It triggers a powerful chemical signal in your fat cells and breaks down the triglycerides. It releases glycerol and fatty acids through channels in your cell membranes.

    The Lipo Laser procedure will then transport the fat content to the tissues of your body where it can get burned out during post-treatment exercise.

    Why choose Lipo Laser Treatment at Elite Spa?

    One-Stop Solution for a Sculpted Body

    At Elite SPA, our Lipo-Laser treatment will produce a supercharged metabolism that continues even after completion of the procedure. It will help to burn fat and remove them without harming the cells. We use machines that can adjust power during the body contouring procedure. Our specialists are capable of adjusting the delay settings, output, and pulse as per the varying needs of the patients.


    We use the best technology to deliver noticeable results after your first session. At Elite SPA, patients can lose considerable fat within one or two treatment sessions. We will allow you to quickly reach your body goals!

    Pain-Free, Comfortable and Quick

    Read, relax or watch a series on your phone while getting the treatment done. The Lipo-Laser treatment is comfortable and painless. It doesn’t require any drugs or needles during the procedure. You can go back to your office or home after the completion of the treatment.

    Better Body Aesthetics

    You will start to see results just after your first Lipo-Laser treatment session. The natural shape of your body will be revealed further after each treatment session. Our non-invasive Lipo-Laser treatment will eliminate pain and downtime while allowing your body to heal quickly.

    Fast Recovery

    The traditional liposuction process was associated with pain, scars, and varying levels of discomfort. It also came with a minimum downtime of 6 weeks to help you fully recover from the pain. However, Lipo-Laser has no downtime allowing you to go back to your normal life right after the completion of the process.

    Experienced and Qualified Staff

    Elite SPA employs only professionals who are accustomed to innovative technology and body contouring. We ensure that our staff has completed the required training process to ensure safety and better results. Our fat reduction process is fast and painless.

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